Why I'm Here

I strive to give my clients the right knowledge to make an informed decision

A little about me

Earlier in my life I worked for a well-known home construction company here in Western New York where I learned from engineers and shop foremen how homes were designed. I spent time learning how to lay out and build walls, partitions (interior walls), and angle walls. 

 I also spent time on site experiencing the building of homes, from the ground up. 

After many years of working and gaining experience I was able to build my own house, acting as general contractor on the project.  

 For almost my entire working career I have worked for union endorsed companies and now own and operate  my own home inspection business. I received my education and training from the Western New York School of Real Estate. I continue to advance my education, working towards certifications in radon detection, energy audits, repair cost estimates, and plan to offer these services in the near future. I am a dedicated family man with a wife and two children.